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Questions for Deepening Our Bond

Today, I just wanted to share with you some valuable questions to share with your partner as you make time to navigate the challenges in your lives. Sometimes our greatest struggle in our relationship is knowing when to open up and check-in on the development our our romantic relationship.

These questions serve as a guide for understanding where you currently stand in the relationship with your partner, as well as help initiate deeper conversations around where you need your partner to show up for you.

In our busy lives, focusing on our career paths, being a student, or navigating parenthood, it can be difficult to understand how to make time for deeper connection with our partners. Even in childhood, or past relationships, the struggle to know what questions to ask or how to share our feelings or express our needs feels ever-present.

These are just a few short questions you can make time for, even just 15-30 min. every week, to ask one another (taking turns to listen, validate, and understand your loved one). Feel free to continue this check-in every week, finding a consistent pattern/time to focus on disconnects and closeness with each other.

Remember, awareness is key to a healthy relationship, including awareness of the needs in our relationships. When we make consistent time to attune to and navigate challenges together, we can build a beautiful resilience during times of disconnect and distress.

I hope that you'll find these few questions (that lead to deeper conversations) will help you make space to challenge one another and build a stronger bond together!


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