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Navigating in Woods

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy

EFIT allows us to work with individuals on deeper experiences tied to their sense of self. It also provides space for us to explore how instances of trauma, neglect, or abuse have reinforced or effected circumstances and perspectives in one's life. We help individuals gain a greater awareness around how attachments in their own lives have impacted their journey. 

EFIT is about learning to build trust within yourself.


What is EFIT?

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) operates on a similar message as EFT for couples. When working with individuals, we focus on building a closer relationship with self. When an individual can access the deeper experience of their emotions, they are also able to access their underlying needs.

Beach Meditation

Learning to Love Self

We often hear, “you have to love yourself before you can love anybody else.” Learning to feel secure with ourselves begins from the moment we're born. When we have a consistently nurturing support early on, we learn to navigate challenges by reaching for comfort when we need it. We can trust that someone is there, even when we’re unsure what we’re feeling or what we specifically need.

SUP Yoga Meditation

"Message Received"

Like with couples, we help individuals access the experiences related to messages from significant relationships in their lives. When we’re able to actively bring awareness to those messages, and we help cultivate safety around those unaddressed feelings, we are able to process these relationships on a deeper level.

Validate and Accept

My Hope for You

By bringing awareness to those feelings, clients are then able validate and accept their feelings. By learning to trust and show up for parts of themselves, they develop more inner security, which otherwise might've gone neglected from experiences within insecure attachment cycles.

In EFIT, you will feel more confident about how you approach and manage your own emotions. The transformation begins by owning and accepting those emotions are there, then beginning to unlock those deeper needs. Come on this journey with me, and we’ll navigate the terrain together.

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