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The Message of EFT

A lot of clients come in to session not knowing what to expect from their counseling experience.


Sometimes we send ourselves, and our loved ones, mixed messages or signals that render disconnect in our relationship. In other words, there can be cycles of communication that make it hard to turn to our loved ones. 


In this relationship journey, you will begin to set sail on a path towards healthy co-regulation. What EFT does is cultivate the findings of secure attachment, which centers on building a healthy emotional dependence, an irreversible love, reliant on the 

primary goals of:

  1. Creating secure attachments, where couples, individuals or families can rely on one another for emotional comfort and support.

  2. Develop new, and healthy ways, of connecting and nurturing partners, family members and ourselves.

  3. Increase the willingness to express emotions and attachment needs in relationships

Adapted from: Hold Me Tight, Dr. Sue Johnson; Little, Brown & Company, NY 2008.

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