Mountains in Clouds

Frequently Asked Questions

What populations do you work with?

We work with couples, individuals or families from various cultural, ethnic, racial, or religious backgrounds. We also offer bilingual services for clients. 

Do you accept Insurances?

We are a private pay mental health provider, meaning we do not bill insurances directly. Because there are certain conditions-- including types of services provided, length of sessions or certain interventions that could be dictated by insurances-- we are able to provide the greatest service to our client in this way. Some insurance providers may be able to reimburse you for appointments. Ask if they take superbills.

How often should I have a Session?

Setting a schedule for sessions in a month can be beneficial, depending on your current needs or goals in counseling. Having consistency (weekly) can be beneficial to your mental health, especially when processing emotional material in session. 

On the other hand, some clients might decide they want a bi-weekly session, which could allow them time to determine the intensity or severity of their concerns. We can look at goals together and determine the best course. 

What do I do if there's an emergency?

If there is an immediate, life threatening, emergency, please dial 911 --  if in any case you feel that you might harm yourself, please reach the national suicide prevention hotline at:


In cases of substance abuse, if you're needing immediate emotional support, you can reach the Washington Recovery Help Line at: 

1-866-789-1511 (24/7)

What can I expect in the first session?

In our first session, we will cover your initial concerns. We will also ask questions regarding attachment history, support systems, prior mental health experiences, and significant events in your life. You will get an idea of what EFT is and how it will play an integral role in your healing.

What if therapy isn't a fit?

First and foremost, therapy can be effective for many situations or issues. Sometimes, clients won't feel comfortable or supported in the ways they're needing. If you don't feel like you're meeting your goals, we can talk to address other avenues for change.

Do you offer a sliding scale?

We want to hear your concerns, and if you have any immediate questions regarding payment for services provided, please reach our office line at:

(541) 595-8261

-- or reach us through the contact form

(located at the top of this page) 

How quickly will I feel better?

It's important to address your own resistance or reluctance towards attending therapy. Depending on your current challenges or presenting issues, we work on building a treatment plan that incorporates your goals. When we work together, we'll check in and make sure you are on track to achieving, and can maintain your mental health.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

We run on a 24-hour cancellation policy. As therapists, we set aside time to prepare and sit with clients. If you need to reschedule or cancel the appointment you have, please do so within 24 hours; appointments late cancelled, no-show, or rescheduled too late will be charged full fee.