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I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Gregory Lofgren, but I have always gone by Tommy, so please feel free to do the same. I grew up in a very small community in North Carolina – I could easily say my first love was nature (cascading mountains and flowing rivers as far as the eyes could see). I spent a large part of my childhood delving into imaginative dreamscapes, running through forests, and pretending to play out scenes in films I saw as a young child. As my client, you will learn where imagination, human experience, and nature have played an integral role in my counseling venture.


I always tell those who are curious about why I became a counselor, "I built this passion through cultivating compassion for myself." In life, we endure various tidal waves, sometimes trudging through difficult terrain or waiting to be pulled out from the waves. Despite our losses, traumas, or attachment experiences, it’s important to recognize we are NOT ALONE. This is how I thrive in practice – recognizing where I get to be safe haven for clients who may have missed out on secure attachment experiences early on.


After graduating with my BA in Psychology in 2018, I decided to pursue my MA, which allowed me to see the great privilege that came with stepping into other people’s lives. Personally and professionally, I took ahold of Emotionally Focused Therapy during my Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program and watched as I sailed along the waves with those who were struggling to connect. From beginning to end, I hope that you will begin to find the light that radiates deep within you.

Things I Really Enjoy: Hiking & Nature, Running, Poetry, Meditation, Yoga, Exploring New Places


Tommy Lofgren (he/him)

2022 - Completed EFT Externship & Core Skills
2023 - In Process of Certification for EFT

Oct. 2023 - Beginner Somatic Experiencing Training
April 2024 - EFIT Essentials Training




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