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PTSD and Trauma

Anxiety and Depression

Substance Abuse

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Safe Way Out - Hosted by Luis Madrigal, LMHCA & Tommy Lofgren, LMHCA

Each and every one of our experiences revolves around emotional drives for connection. As humans, we are able to share our stories with those around us. In many circumstances or situations, we are unable to feel that we can comfort ourselves in times of great distress. As counselors, we are happy to share with you our personal and professional experiences with building security and emotional connection with others. We believe that our podcast, "Safe Way Out," will help listeners understand the value of forming a vulnerable attachment with those they love.

The Body Keeps Score
Rising Strong by Brene Brown
Wired for Love
Private Lies
Love Sense
Hold Me Tight
Braving the Wilderness
Daring Greatly
EFT wth trauma survivors

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