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Services & Fees

I plant my feet

Upon the earth

Rooted like the tree before me


It stands like a metaphor,

That like the leaves that change and fall,

I too have my seasons


I reach to its limbs

The hands that hold every bloom

And smell an aroma that echoes with life


I stand grounded

And though my mind begins to race

I sink deeply into the soil beneath me


I am planted,

Firmly like a seed

The roots like hands that reach to me


This tree

It calls to me

In the echo of the wind, it says,


“You are a precious human being.”

Services and Fees
Initial Intake Session

$170 for session

Individual Therapy

$150 per session (50 min)

Couple Therapy

$150 per session (50 min)

Couple Therapy (Extended)

$230 per session (80 min)

You have the right to a Good Faith Estimate for healthcare services you pay for.

Private Yoga Session 
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