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Developing Mental Health Stability

You've heard the saying, "when it rains, it pours." How do you continue to embrace changes and push past the ongoing rainfall as you move forward in your journey through life?


I want to touch on three distinct factors that may just be the difference between expecting ongoing downpours and sheltering yourself in the storm. These factors play an integral role in self-growth -- when you're able to find the resources and guidance you're looking for, you're able to make space and open your mind to positive self-image and confidence in your endeavors.

  • Developing Resilience - There are various routes for overcoming the barriers that find their way into our plans for self-growth. Resilience is a key factor in developing mental health stability - it is our capacity to rebound quick enough after facing a particular struggle in our journey. We need particularly high levels of self-efficacy, or the belief in ourselves to do something, in order embrace negative experiences in our lives.

When you are able to set goals that you can achieve, and you find ways to make reaching your goals easier, you can build more resilience in your life. When you start to dwell further on improvement, you find new ways to overcome your struggles and face various battles in either direction. One of the greatest tools for developing resilience could be meditation, which has been proven to calm our minds in times of great distress. When we can make time to breathe, and pinpoint our thoughts and emotions, we can think more critically and make better decisions.

  • Focusing on Self-Reflection - Believe it or not, some of the same tools we might use to build resiliency through our experiences (i.e. counseling, life coaching, self-help guides) can also be utilized to work on self-reflection. When we make the time to focus on the important priorities in our lives, we can work on developing more happiness throughout our lives.

Some of the greatest resources for self-reflection might actually be your loved ones, your partner for instance. Set aside time to reflect on struggles you've been faced with, whether in your career, relationships, or other endeavors, and process it with those you love. Even just taking the time to exercise can dramatically shift your mindset and mood and prepare you for making better decisions.

  • Developing Purpose and Meaning - When you make important, or big decisions in your life, do you think about what impact it will have, or what it means to you? Oftentimes, the very things we find that give us energy are also mirrors into the purpose we hope to fulfill. For instance, when you were in school, did you think about what you wanted to be when you grew up? (an artist, singer, teacher, counselor, nurse, etc). As an adult, did these dreams change, and how has what you've been been able to do provided meaning in your life?

Where have you found success in your life? Asking some of these questions, especially if you're self-reflecting, and working on building greater resilience in your life, may help you understand the impact you want to have on yourself and others around you.

Thanks for taking the opportunity to make space for some of the concepts and ideas we like to share with clients and readers alike.

Working on cultivating a better view of ourselves is valuable to our growth -- when we're able to take a look at what we're doing, what we've done, and what we hope to do, we can start to unravel how events and situations in our lives have shaped our mindset and begin to rewrite the narrative that has created various barriers to our own personal or professional success.

Please reach out if you need other resources for developing mental health stability. And because we are passionate about what we do, we want to offer you a space to work on cultivate resiliency, making space to self-reflect, and developing meaning in your life. Schedule a counseling appointment here, and we'll make time to determine the best route for change in your life.

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