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The Journey Starts Here.

Located in Richland, WA

About My Practice

I thrive on rescuing relationships through an Emotionally Focused attachment lens. From the research around cultivating secure attachment, to the inexplicable wonders of our connection to the greater whole, I have been astounded by the research that explains how we build stronger bonds with those close to us. In your journey, my hope is to help you discover the light that radiates within you.


Mindfulness plays an active role in my position as a mental health counselor. I truly believe that focusing from a trauma-informed, experiential approach, helps couples and individuals build a deeper awareness of their own needs and desires. Using approaches like EFT, I am dedicated to paving a path that we can walk alongside together, leading us to a destination where you can be more open and vulnerable in your most cherished relationships.


My counseling practice has been in operation since June 2021. Since then, I've dedicated time and continued effort in training for Emotionally Focused Therapy, along with interests in trauma and somatic experiencing, attachment injuries, and LGBTQ+ issues. It is within my practice that I've been able to provide services tailored to both personal and interpersonal growth.

Golden Leaves

What is
Emotionally Focused 

EFT is both an evidence-based and empirically validated therapy approach that cultivates closer connection in relationships. 

In over 30 years of research, 75% of couples resolve emotional distress in their relationship, and 90% of couples see long-term improvement years after therapy. 

Repair and Strengthen

Attachment Bonds

Discover Services

Watching the River

Individual Therapy 

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy helps clients deal with unresolved relationship distress, including the relationship with self. We look at overcoming the struggles of anxiety, depression, or trauma, including PTSD.

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Couple Therapy

70% of couples in the U.S. experience distress in their relationship. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy aims at building secure bonds through understanding and navigating insecure cycles of connection and building vulnerability between partners.

About Me.


I believe that building secure attachment is transformational. My role as a counselor is to step into your experience and safely process the emotion together. Within this embrace, each of the individuals or couples I sit with will find comfort in building that security within a safe alliance. I see EFT as a lighthouse that guides us through the toughest storms.

Tommy Lofgren, MA, LMHC, NCC

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