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I want to talk about what drives us to continue our practice, Cultivate Connection Counseling.


Hello Everyone,

I wanted to talk some about our practice, Cultivate Connection Counseling. The guy writing these blog posts (ME) is Tommy Lofgren, an associate licensed counselor. My fiancé, Luis Madrigal is the current associate licensed counselor practicing with C.C.C.

We started the business in December 2020 with the intent of establishing a practice that could expand our knowledge, and our passion for, Emotionally-Focused Therapy with couples in the Tri-Cities. Back in 2017, when we first met, we attended a “Hold Me Tight” workshop, designed for couples working on building vulnerability and understanding the cycle in our relationship.

Next to various couples, we learned to revisit raw spots and attachment injuries from our relationships and our pasts, and we redefined how we saw one another. Out of our experience with EFT this early on, we saw how much we actually needed each other— I use the term need versus want here, because we really believe that each person in this world deserves to experience the value of building a secure attachment with someone else. We need that security and safety to feel vulnerable enough to process our underlying pain, and find the way to express our needs, by finding someone to emotionally attune to us.

Our partners can be a guiding light into exploring our emotional needs. I believe that this earlier experience in our relationship allowed me to cultivate a closer connection with Luis, but also, with myself. Cultivate Connection exudes the inner workings of EFT, intent on understanding the struggles that happen when those in relationships, even with oneself, learn to deal with emotions in a manner that shuts their partner or themselves out from seeing the very vulnerable, deepest parts of themselves.

When we opened the doors to our practice, we weren’t 100% sure what it would look like or what we’d find the result of our mission would be. We’re still presenting new ideas and unraveling new questions every day in our practice, but we’re assured that we are driven by our continued efforts, including ongoing trainings and exploring new research surrounding the success of Emotionally-Focused therapy with couples, individuals or families in the Tri-Cities area, as well as exploring telehealth online sessions with those in other areas.

It is our ultimate vision to help others find value in cultivating connections with themselves and their loved ones through the work that we do in our practice. We want to open doors into safe and secure love, so that we can change the lives of hundreds of relationships that walk through our office door.

There is so much success in healthy emotional dependency, knowing that when we struggle to manage on our own, we can turn to our loved ones for comfort and understanding. We do this every day, with each other, and those clients that are sitting directly in front of us.

At this moment, while we’re transitioning into a fuller practice, we’re hoping to take on more couples who are driven in their desire to communicate more effectively in their relationships and who are open to engaging more vulnerably with their partners. While we know this process is draining, difficult and scary, we believe that it is our worldview that connection and vulnerability bring people together. If we can open that door into your hearts, then we allow you to see the fire that becomes lit when you open your heart to others in your lives as well.

The challenges you’re facing in your relationship(s) are challenges we are willing to face alongside you.

We know that there are relationships where it’s scary, and maybe you don’t feel emotionally safe opening up and being vulnerable with your partner. While some relationships may drive this fear or anxiety, we also believe that some of us have learned to deal with our vulnerability, and deepest parts of ourselves, based on how those in our earlier life showed up for us when we might’ve needed them emotionally.

Comfort in secure attachments is consistently accessible, and while you may not understand what you need, you may also struggle to express your feelings in a manner that your loved one understands. It is our goal, in sessions, to slowly build that security in safety in this space, so that we can help partners or individuals understand the struggle in communication and what’s happening when we’re not feeling safe to share within our relationship(s).

We strive on cultivating connections that are consistently safe, and we WANT to do that work, because we understand that we NEED secure attachments and secure ways of processing our struggles, so that we don’t have to do it on our own.

Please feel free to email us, find the link to our Facebook below, and schedule an appointment if you’re needing that comfortable and safe space to work through whatever issues you’re facing in your relationship(s). Thanks!

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